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16th of June 2024





The mountain race "LJUBELJ 2024" is organized by the Automobile Association, Tržič.

Organising committee:
  • Teo Blaži - Director of the event
  • Martin Romih
  • Miha Blaži
  • Peter Ribnikar
  • Drago Ahačič
  • Timing Alples
  • Anka Hrast
  • Dragica Čauš
  • Toni Cahunek
  • Robert Bujanovič


The race will be held on 16th of June 2024 – irrespective of the weather conditions. The venue will be the gravel road over the old Ljubelj mountain pass. The length of the racetrack is 2300 m and there is an altitude difference of 330 m. The categories include solo motorcycles, motorcycles with sidecars, manufactured prior to 1961. The organizer can allow participation in the competition to particular attractive vehicles manufactured after 1961. The number of competitors is limited; therefore, well-known competitors and vehicles of greater historical interest will take precedence. The organizer reserves the right to refuse any registration without stating any reasons for the decision. Competitors are accepted for the event when they receive the organizer's acknowledgment together with a start number. The race will be organized in accordance with the attached Rules.


A – motorcycles – pre-war, year of manufacture 1945 or earlier
B – motorcycles up to 175cc, year of manufacture 1961 or earlier
C – motorcycles up to 250cc, year of manufacture 1961 or earlier
D – motorcycles over 250cc, year of manufacture 1961 or earlier
E – motorcycles with sidecars up to 500cc, year of manufacture 1961 or earlier
F - motorcycles with sidecars over 500cc, year of manufacture 1961 or earlier

A competitor can race in two categories only, each time with a different vehicle.


The marking system is as follows: An example of a score:

A. The appearance and the technical adequacy of a motorcycle

  • The mark can be from 0 to 22 points.
  • The mark 0 points is given to an excellently restored and preserved original motorcycle.
22 points are given to a motorcycle that is in poor condition and renovated using non-original parts, but fulfils the conditions for taking part in the competition.

Explanation of the marking system:
  • A non-original carburettor – 3 points
  • MC version (Puch) – 15 points
  • Motorcycles with sidecars with a two-wheel drive – 10 points
A Technical Commission shall decide on the appearance and technical adequacy at a technical inspection.

The commission shall notify the competitor about their decision immediately after the inspection is finished. Their decision is final. The commission may decide that a vehicle does not meet the technical conditions, whereupon such vehicle is not allowed to start.
e.g., 10 points

B. Competitor’s year of birth

Competitors born in 1984 or later will be given 42 points; older competitors will be given the number of points calculated from their year of birth divided by two.    
e.g., 1950 – 50/2
= 25 points

C. Year of manufacture of the vehicle

The year of manufacture is divided by two.
e.g. 1952 – 52/2
= 26 points

D. Engine capacity

3% of the engine capacity.
e.g. 300*3%
= 9 points

E. Drive time

One second is one point.
e.g. 3 min 40 s
= 220 seconds
= 220 points

Total score

is the sum of all points. The competitor with fewest points is the winner. If there are several competitors with the same number of points, the older competitor is the winner. If the competitors are of equal age, the decision shall be made by lot.
Total: 290 points

Motorcycle competitors will have two runs. The best time is considered in the result.
For classification in each category two starts are mandatory!


Sunday, 16th of June 2024
  • verification of registrations and technical inspection: 7.00 to 9.15
  • timed practise runs for the various categories: 10.00 to 12.00
  • official opening: 12.30
  • competition for the various categories: 13.00 to 17.00
  • group photography 17.00
  • announcement of unofficial results: 17.30
  • announcement of the results and presentation of the trophies: 18.00
  • Note: The organizer reserves the right to modify the timetable according to the course of the competition


  1. The competitor must submit a technical commission signed application form for each competition car specially and valid identity document.
  2. All vehicles must meet the organizer's requirements. All vehicles must have three start numbers prepared by the organized affixed – one on the front, one on the back left side, and one on the back right side.
  3. At the technical inspection, the competitors must present their outfit: a helmet, goggles and leather clothing, boots and gloves.
  4. The signature on the registration form is the competitor’s guarantee that the information about the vehicle's make, capacity, year of manufacture and any modifications is true.
  5. Competitors unable to drive safely will not be allowed to take part in the race. The same applies to disorderly drivers who do not respect the organizer's decisions, and those with improper outfit.
  6. Vehicles for which the commission is unable to determine the origin and the year of manufacture, but are suitable for competition, can start in the category OUT OF COMPETITION;
  7. Before the start, the organizer reserves the right to test mental and physical abilities of drivers.
The organizer reserves the right to reject contestants who do not fulfill these conditions.


The race starts with engines running. As a rule, motorcycles start in one-minute intervals. The competitors' starting order is based on the times achieved in trial run. After them, the competitors who have not finished the trial run start according to their start numbers.

The competitors must wait at the finish and then return to the start in a group.


Unofficial results will be published 30 minutes after the end of the race in front of the Sapca restaurant. The competitors should lodge any complaints to the Head of the race no later than 20 minutes after the announcement of the unofficial results, together with a deposit of 70 EUR. In the event of a justified complaint, the money will be returned; otherwise it will be kept to cover the costs of organizing the event. A competitor lodging a complaint against several competitors, shall do it for each separate person, and pay a deposit for each of them. Complaints relating to the decision of the Technical Commission are inadmissible. The announcement of the results and the presentation of the trophies will take place one hour after the end of the race (at about 18.00).

Cups and trophies
  1. Trophy for the best time (record of the day)
  2. Cups for original vehicles
    1. pre-war motorcycle
    2. post-war motorcycle
  3. Cups for the first three places in each category
  4. Cup for the first place for runners out of competition
  5. Cup for ladies
  6. Cup for the oldest vehicle
  7. Cup for the oldest driver
Each participant will receive a memorial gift and a certificate of participation.


The starting place is in an international border-crossing area, so driving around freely in racing vehicles is not allowed. If your vehicle breaks down during the drive, move it to the side of the road immediately and follow the officials' instructions. In no event should you return to the starting place without permission. If you catch up with a vehicle that started the race before you, overtake it only after you have made sure that you have been seen by the competitor in front, and that it is safe enough to do so.

Obey flag signals:

RED : move over to the side of the road immediately and stop the vehicle.
YELLOW : danger, slow down, there is an obstacle ahead.
BLUE : allow a faster vehicle to overtake you.
GREEN : you can continue with the race.


The organizer shall insure all the competitors, the officials, and the spectators in accordance with Slovene regulations. The organizer, all the persons involved in the event, the official persons on duty, and the organizing committee refuse to accept any responsibility towards the competitors and the spectators as well as towards vehicles for any injuries caused to people or damage caused to property that may occur to the competitors or to third persons before, during or after the event. In any case, the competitors drive at their own risk. They shall bear civil and criminal responsibility for all acts that might happen to them or that might be caused by them or their vehicles. By signing the registration form the competitors renounce the right to file a complaint or suit before a competent court in the event of an accident or injuries suffered during the race. They likewise renounce the right of a complaint against the organizer, sports judges, the officials, other competitors, and any other persons connected with the event. Each participant of the race with his signature on the application form confirms that he is familiar with these regulations.


The registration fee for a single category (A, B,C,D) is 100 EUR,
The registration fee for sidecars (E,F) is 130 EUR.

*For competitors with more than one motorcycle, each additional vehicle will be charged 50% of the full price (the full price will be charged for the vehicle in the more expensive category).
The registration fee is payable on association bank account no. SI56 0700 0000 0023 952 until 13th of June 2024.

! The registration fee, paid after 3 June 2024, are € 20 more !

It is possible to make a payment with cash on the day of the event but an additional charge of 10 EUR for administrative costs will be added. The registration fee is non-refundable.

The registration due date is 13th of June 2024.

Late registration is possible on Sunday, 18th of June 2023, latest till 9.00, when the registration fee will be double.

Please send your applications on the enclosed form or a copy thereof to the following address:
AMD Trzic, p.p. 171, SI - 4290 Trzic, Slovenia.

Registration is also possible at our web site: Online registration

For additional information you can contact us every working day on tel. +386 41 934 373, or e-mail us at:

Best regards, and see you at Ljubelj.

Director of the event
Teo Blaži